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EuroTrip:Nice, beautiful city!

Two months ago my cousins, my sister and I decided to go for a trip to Europe! It started as a joke but we actually made it! Our first stop is Nice, south France. After a transit flight in Rome, We reached Nice thursday morning! We checked in at the Hotel de Grand Aston ( great place btw, right in the middle of the city, wifi everywhere and sweet staff) and it all started! It is such a beautiful city, it reminds us a lot of Beirut! The architecture and the restaurants, not to mention the people seem to carry a Lebanese flair! Walking down the streets made feel that somehow I am walking between the streets of Asrafiyeh and Gemmayzeh! Les cafes trottoirs look like the ones in Jbeil!
I can surely say that the people are are extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful! We are not in a tour nor with a guide so we had to ask a lot before we reach our destination and there would be always someone helping us!
At night we left to Monaco to have a look at this city that is the talk of many! 45 min in the bus and we are finally there! Well personally I thought it would be a bit different a little bit more glamorous! The one thing that I truly loved there is the Casino! Amazing architecture, beautiful and huge building!We had a walk at the beAch and along the port which looks a lot like Zeytouna Bay yet ZB is much much better looking!we took the final train to Nice and came back to the hotel!Now we are getting ready to go to Cannes and enjoy the sea and the sun!
Any one of you have been here before? Any tips?







Pictures taken at the Place Massena-Nice.