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Dear Dad

Going through old pictures to find this… What a face…We miss you, there are no words to describe it ♥️ #DearDad #AllTheLoveInTheWorld #twoyearsago


Dear Dad…It has been a year!

December 13 2016 marks a year since you have been gone.They say time is a healer but i can tell you it has not done much healing.

We miss you,we will always do,wether it has been a day,a week or a year,it all comes back to the same.

Many things have happened during this year,good and bad things,people have walked away from our life,others had joined.We learnt new things,we grew up,maybe the hard way but we did.We moved,we have more responsibilities,we are going with the flow. We are sharing every step with you even if you are not physically with us!

There were times when I needed your advice,I tried to put myself in your shoes and ask myself what would dad do, it is not easy at all,but it helps I can say that.(it doesnt always work)

And Dad guess what?Aoun is our president now,yes yes he is and Trump is the president of the USA,believe it or not he actually is and we are living with that!See a lot of crazy things since you left us 🙂
For now,one last thing,the three of us got tattoos of your signature/name….it feels great and looks awesome!

Dad until we meet again…all the love in the world!

If he only knew…

“It’s true that he makes me fell like a princess at times and that he is madly in love with me that he will never leave me yet sometimes I feel like Iam lost in his thoughts. To begin with he is no typical guy,he ha a very unique way of thinking and analyzing, no matter how disastrous something can be he manages to look ai it in a simplistic way!!

What really kills me is when I fail to understand what is going on in his head I ask him but I get ok as answer he keeps saying tha he is ok and there nothing to worry about! My heart aches when I fail to realize what is the matter!how painful is it to feel like the person u love is looking through you not seeing your eyes!something is missing that is what you are feeling and what makes things worse is the fact that you are clueLess you are talking to him on the phone you are sensing there is something wrong happening,yet he keeps ignoring it! You feel that you are losing him yet you are holding into him no matter what!

Could he possibly have lost feelings for me,did our relation began to bore him?is he feeling the same way as I am?

If he only knew what I feel when he acts this way, if he only knew how sometimes he crashes my heart just by sayin he is alright when there is something bothering him?if he only knew…”

Stop this law, and start working on something else!

Most of the Lebanese citizens try hard everyday to make Lebanon a better place; they believe in this country and strive to make it among the best.

Normally, citizens get the support of their government, but sadly not in here. As I am writing this post, the Lebanese government is setting a vote for Tuesday, June 15 to modify the ICT law that deals with electronic information, signatures, and e-banking, and make the Internet world, a place when everything is being watched, rated and controlled!

I mean come one, what are we in the1960s, dear ministers, a quick reminder, we need to go forward, forward you see and not backward, I don’t know but maybe you got this whole idea wrong, if you did, then we are here, (the social media people, the citizens, and whoever is concerned) to tell you to stops this law, stop it, we don’t want to change the ICT law, we don’t want this world to be ruled by you, we like it the way it is, we need our privacy, we need to know that we are able to express ourselves without being watched over!

So we, and we go for the Lebanese citizens, ask you, the people in the government, to stop this law, and do it now, there are more important issues that you should worry about in Lebanon, other then restricting our options online!

Tweet about it and lets do something about it, we might be able to make a change! use #stopthislaw

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Feng shui: achieving harmony through colors and furniture alignment

“He was known for being angry and cranky all day long; I went to his office [and] made a study. I found out that all what he needed was an aquarium in his office for him to feel better and smile. A month later he was happy; three months later, he started a new business in China.” This is how Jessica Khudeida, a feng shui consultant in Lebanon, describes one of her cases.

Feng shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’) is an old Chinese system that is used to improve people’s lives by receiving positive energy (Qi, pronounced ‘chee’). According to Khudeida, who has been a feng shui practitioner for 10 years, it is about “assessing the flow of Qi in a property and how this affects the residents. It is a metaphysical science; it deals with math, geography and physics.”

Khudeida first studied Business Administration at Saint Joseph University.  “The first time I heard about feng shui was by coincidence through a magazine from Britain,” she says. She started studying feng shui in Britain, but became disillusioned. “There are two types of feng shui, the modern and the classical [and] unfortunately in Britain their focus is based on the modern.”

Modern feng shui deals more with colors and home accessories. “There is what we call Color Psychology, which is an important aspect [and] I often use it in my work,” she explains.

On the other hand, classical feng shui has its roots in China, where, originally, it was just for kings and wealthy people, who used it to obtain business analysis. “Feng Shui was first called Chinese medicine,” explains Khudeida. “It is based on the five elements: water, fire, wood, metal and the earth element. These elements were used to analyze sickness. It has nothing to do with religion. It is a lifestyle that helps you achieve balance and accomplish a perfect life.”

“[Feng shui also] teach[es] you the basic elements; how to observe your surroundings, and how it affects you. I was in the States last month and we spent a lot of time just observing mountains and their colors,” adds Khudeida.

Khudeida’s ‘cure’ When providing a private feng shui home consultation, Khudeida first goes to the house in question and drives around observing its surroundings. Then, she heads to the roof and observes the geography. Later, she goes into the house and observes its architecture. “I look at how the rooms in the house are laid out and how it is decorated … I also take into consideration the personality of the people in question. I may realize that for one of the people red has negative connotations, so I won’t use this color. This is color therapy. Some people might be in need of water in their room for positive energy. It all depends on the person,” explains Khudeida.

Then, Khudeida takes the person’s year of birth and adds up the last two digits. For example, for the year 1985, 8=5+13. Then, she adds up the figures of the result; 1+3=4. Each number has a special direction, which means that each person has a different, suitable direction for their house; some people feel at ease facing southeast while other people feel better facing northwest. Khudeida recounts the case of a mother who liked to spend time in the kitchen, while her son preferred sitting in the living room; he called his girlfriend from there and even slept there. “My studies showed that the living room was his direction for Yanyam (love and social relations),” Khudeida recalls.

Khudeida stresses the importance of the building design. For example, if the elevator is located right in front of the entrance and there is not enough space between them then there will be bad energy. “I assure you that the inhabitants suffer from marital problems and health problems, and the owner finds it hard renting these apartments,” she explains.

Common sense, superstition or magic?Not everyone agrees with Jessica Khudeida about feng shui.

“You shouldn’t let the bed control you, you should control the bed,” said one woman to whom I tried explaining feng shui. Another lady said, “It is all psychological; I wouldn’t pay 300 dollars for anyone to come to my house and make me believe that he/she could make me attain love”.

On the other hand, Rola, 27, explained how she began using feng shui. “When I started reading about feng shui, I was very interested. I gave it a try; after all I had nothing to lose! I found out that the way I sleep is wrong and maybe that is why I was always having bad dreams and hating being in my room, so I moved my bed further from the door, and without noticing I started to sleep better.”

Alia, 35, also believes feng shui helped her to achieve greater wellbeing in her home. “It is just common sense; it is what our grandparents used to say and we used to laugh at them thinking how come? It made me more organized at home; where and how to put things, how to position the bed, what color of blanket to use in order to stimulate calm sleep, how important [it is] to keep the bathroom door closed [as otherwise] it would absorb all the good energy that is flowing around the house, and how important is to keep all your furniture unbroken because broken furniture presents obstacles,” she explains.

Lana, 37, started “believing” in feng shui five years ago. “I was in Dubai and I visited a feng shui shop there. I said to the salesman that I needed something for good luck and for me to find love. He gave me a gadget and asked me to hang it on the wall above my bed. I did and few months later I got engaged! I love feng shui!”

Maybe it all depends on your personality, and how willing you are to believe that Chinese science can help you achieve harmony and “perfection” in your life.

Feng shui tips for a more balanced home

In the kitchen

* As fire and water are opposing elements, keep the stove and the sink apart from each other, or place something wooden between them.

* Don’t place the sink, which represents the water element, next to the stove as this can result in financial problems.

* Don’t place any fire element, such as the stove, in the middle of the room as this can result in health problems.

In the bedroom* Don’t sleep with your feet aligned with the door as this may cause blood circulation problems or insomnia.

* Don’t sleep with your head towards the door or under a low roof as this may result in migraines.* To prevent nightmares, move your mirror so it isn’t the first thing you see when you wake up.* Don’t sleep under a window.

This article has been published in Hibr newspaper issue 6

Arab Pop Culture : Cartoon and graphitis


On April 22nd, I was present at the Arab Pop Culture, to cover the 4th session at 11 am at Irwin Conference Room. The moderator was DEREK BOUSE.

The conference started with Tina Sleiman, from Zayed University in Dubai. She discussed Fragments of Identity: Perceptions and Visual Popular Culture in the Arab Region. Sleiman explained how her students, Emirati females, have different ways to deal with visual arts. They basically work on collecting images. She showed how each person is influenced by the type of visual pop culture they grow up with. Then she related to some examples, as Majed magazine, first published in 1979 and still going on and as Sindibad (anyone raised in Egypt will relate to it).

Sleiman showing the work of her students

 Then Hala Abou Taleb, from the University of Jordan, took the lead.” Today we are talking about cartoon”, she said. According to her we should look for a different way of persistence for Muslims; it is either Haifa or Binladen! If they represent the Arab Muslims as villains, belly dancers, billionaires, we definitely need to find a place where we are common people. Latinos made use of the spaces on the walls. Certain walls carry political messages. Why don’t Arabs and Muslims do that? In Palestine, some activists-artists are trying to occupy the spaces of these walls with art, definitely a political message. Arabs are known 2 be beautiful people with beautiful art. WE have to reclaim it.

Then Harris Bresslow, from the American University of Sharjah, started talking about graphitis in Lebanon. He said they are about sex, politics and religion. “If you want to go to Palestine, go to Bliss Street, you will find many arrows saying “nahwa Falesteen” To Palestine .  He showed pictures showing many graphitis on the walls, each one carrying a different message, most of them political. He ended his presentation with a video of a rap song about graphitis as well.

Hashem, from the American University of Sharjah, started another discussion: LOL, Star academy, Bab Al Hara are signs of what is happening in our culture. “I think that anytime you have majority of any culture, som1 or something will become popular.”

“My kids are faster than me in writing a msg. They wake up at 6 am and spend time messaging their friends in the state.” He explained how electronic devices affected the sleeping habits of kids.

Due to time inconvenience, only 2 questions were asked. DR Ramez asks Sleiman what is her conclusion about her presentation. She said, people work is related to their childhood and the way they grew up. Second question was directed to Hala. “Why do we care about how Arabs are looked at?”She said when I see how foreigners are treated by us when they come; the image is haunting us, politically speaking. “Unfortunately we bring pictures like Bin Laden and al Zarqawi. We help representing ourselves in a bad way.

Personally I believe people in Lebanon should give more importance to the drawings on the streets, I agree

With Hala Abou Taleb, we should take advantage of the city walls, and spread along messages, walls could be looked at as public blogs, where each individual can express his/her opinion about a certain issue.

I enjoyed looking at Bresslow’s pictures. We see this graphitis everyday on our way to work or on our way back home, but most of them don’t take time and think about its meanings, Bresslow explained how each of these wall pictures carried a different political message.

I was really happy to live cover such an event through Twitter, and LAU Social live, I was even happier when I saw that one of my tweets was retweeted, it showed that the audience was engaged in the coverage. I think that uploading videos and pictures is very affective in attracting more audience. For the 1st time I did a well job, but I believe for the next time I need to take more pictures. Off course one retweet is not enough, but I guess if I have announced a couple of days earlier what I am going to cover, more people would have joined me, maybe next time I could ask people on twitter questions, this way they will find themselves connected to the issue we are covering.

Armin Van Buuren

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