Dear Dad…It has been a year!

December 13 2016 marks a year since you have been gone.They say time is a healer but i can tell you it has not done much healing.

We miss you,we will always do,wether it has been a day,a week or a year,it all comes back to the same.

Many things have happened during this year,good and bad things,people have walked away from our life,others had joined.We learnt new things,we grew up,maybe the hard way but we did.We moved,we have more responsibilities,we are going with the flow. We are sharing every step with you even if you are not physically with us!

There were times when I needed your advice,I tried to put myself in your shoes and ask myself what would dad do, it is not easy at all,but it helps I can say that.(it doesnt always work)

And Dad guess what?Aoun is our president now,yes yes he is and Trump is the president of the USA,believe it or not he actually is and we are living with that!See a lot of crazy things since you left us 🙂
For now,one last thing,the three of us got tattoos of your signature/name….it feels great and looks awesome!

Dad until we meet again…all the love in the world!


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