If he only knew…

“It’s true that he makes me fell like a princess at times and that he is madly in love with me that he will never leave me yet sometimes I feel like Iam lost in his thoughts. To begin with he is no typical guy,he ha a very unique way of thinking and analyzing, no matter how disastrous something can be he manages to look ai it in a simplistic way!!

What really kills me is when I fail to understand what is going on in his head I ask him but I get ok as answer he keeps saying tha he is ok and there nothing to worry about! My heart aches when I fail to realize what is the matter!how painful is it to feel like the person u love is looking through you not seeing your eyes!something is missing that is what you are feeling and what makes things worse is the fact that you are clueLess you are talking to him on the phone you are sensing there is something wrong happening,yet he keeps ignoring it! You feel that you are losing him yet you are holding into him no matter what!

Could he possibly have lost feelings for me,did our relation began to bore him?is he feeling the same way as I am?

If he only knew what I feel when he acts this way, if he only knew how sometimes he crashes my heart just by sayin he is alright when there is something bothering him?if he only knew…”


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