I love my Hamra :)

Today, Saturday the 11th, was the second day of the Hamra Festival! As usual I got there late, around 9:30, I saw a couple of stands here and there, one of them selling some handmade stuff, another with some food on it; cupcakes and so one…The first thing I did when I got there is signing up my name for the Nokia (X3 phone draw), and i only did that because I was dragged by my 14 years old brother who thought that its better to have 2 names in the draw, you know to increase his chance of winning, and he was right, I did win one of the 14 phones that were given away, and yes my brother took it πŸ˜€

Anyway, it was such a pleasure to see Hamra main street full with people from all ages and classes, they were walking up and down the street with a smile on their faces enjoying the nice ambiance…All shops were open, and the cafes were loaded with those who chose to drink coffee or enjoy a muffin while the bands were playing!Some chose to sit on the side of the street and chat…

It felt like everyone was waiting for this festival to go out and enjoy their time…Hamra looked amazing today with all the lights, and the people roaming its street, it was joyful, a bit chaotic, yet security guys were present to make sure that there were no problem.Β  It is nice to see this street in particular car-free, I was able to walk all along without worrying about cars passing by, and kids were running all around and their parents had their peace of mind. When it was over, people didn’t leave right away, they chose to stay and enjoy to the maximum the street with no cars, they sat, chatted, laughed and sang!

Personally I enjoyed the most Ashekman, twin rappers who rapped for Beirut, and Amy Smack Daddy, a band that played some nice songs among which Beautiful Day by U2 and a Muse song.

I didn’t leave before buying 2eni ouheb al Hamra shirt πŸ˜€

Tomorrow is another day, and Hamra’s festival last day, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it :s

I forgot my cam, so used my phone to take these pics which turned out to be bad πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I ❀ Hamra


Amy Smack Daddy



  1. abbass al sharif Said:

    mabrook el x3 ya sara… fun fun!

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  3. Maher Said:

    Cool post…
    you missed mentioning you bumped into some amazing people πŸ˜›

  4. Danielle Said:

    You won one of the phones? That’s great! Congrats – your brother must be so happy! I too loved the Hamra festival..I hope that they do it again next year..

  5. Rasha Said:

    Too bad I did not make it!
    I also heard it was fab…
    Cool to have read about it though.

  6. Dania Said:


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  7. Pascal Assaf Said:

    Love Hamra too πŸ™‚
    thank you for sharing

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