San Francisco: I fell in love…

Our next stop was San Francisco; a city that never sleeps, a city that is full of life, a city that you can easily fall for. The streets don’t look like any other ones, each corner has its own story that is ready to share it with you if you spare some of your time and actually listen to it. It is not fake; everything seems natural and easy going! The people here seem different as well, they don’t seem to have the same worries as the rest; they tend to have their own unique problems.

In the morning, on your way out, you smell the nice smell of coffee, and your eyes enjoy the scene of fresh backed cupcakes of different colors. You take the cable car to go from one place to another, but you don’t get bored, the scenery makes you enter a world of fantasies where everything seems peaceful.

It is not like any other city! All along the streets you can watch different performers playing music or dancing, trying to earn a living! The shops on each side are always busy, while other people appear to enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the cafes!

The weather was cold, yet we enjoyed each second freezing! We roamed the city streets, discovering the different pubs, (where we weren’t allowed in because some of us didn’t have an ID), and learning about its different aspects. The guys were able to spot a shisha café; you can imagine that a lot of our time was spent there, due to the strong request of some participants!

Pier 39 a place that you shouldn’t miss! I believe that it is the place where you can encounter the different traditions of this city and enjoy a delightful meal of fish and chips: D ( all the food tasted good in SF.) I bought some bead bracelets to always remind me of the beauty of the city!

In addition to that we went to Wikipedia where we met its lovely staff, the San Francisco Chronicles, Twitter and Google 🙂 We enjoyed every moment, and I believe that i learned some new issues about the discussed topics related to new media.

Whatever I say, I wont be able to express my love to this city. {I (heart) SF}, I wanted to buy a shirt to express my love, but unfortunately all shops were closed. A city that reflects the thoughts of its residents, a city that gives you hope, that draws a smile on your face, and that makes you fall in love….

Our next stop…Washington DC

San Francisco by Hanibaael Naim

At the Twitter office in SF

At Google HQ in SF

I am in love...



  1. abbass Said:

    Sarah, I ate fish and chips the other day… go to UTAH!

  2. sarahilal Said:

    lol bas akeed not like fish and chips in SF 🙂

  3. Mich Said:

    One of my favorites so far. You made me want to go to the US (which isn’t an easy task) just to see SF. You really made it come alive 🙂

  4. Doha Said:

    I am really happy you enjoyed the city and as Mich said
    you made me eager to go there
    waiting for the washington post!!!

  5. Hanibaael Said:

    المدن لا تشبه بعضها

    حبيت شو كتبتي زارا

    اختصرتي كتير اشيا بنص خفيف وإيقاعه بيشبه المدينة

  6. Dany Said:

    I love it 🙂

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