This is L.A: Disney Land, to love or to hate?

When i say Disney, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is Mickey Mouse, or any other cartoon character…

Being in California, we had the chance to go and pay Disney Land a visit 🙂 yeyyy us. We spent the whole day going around the huge city, getting “amazed” by all what we see! I, specifically, was looking for Mickey Mouse to take a picture with him , but unfortunately he was busy taking pictures with tens of other kids so i decided to go and do more useful things! At a certain point, i felt like a kid, going from one place to another, trying all games, looking for Disney characters and holding cotton candy in my hand! I was in a group of 8, Nada, Tala, Dany, Shaden, Mariam, Rand and Lina, we went around shoppig, taking pictures and most of all enjoying the scary rides! The roller coaster, Twilight Terror Tower, and many more, in other words i can say that we experienced Disney from all its sides. Mariam, a Lebanese participant, said that it reminds her a lot of Habtoor, “bas Habtoor arkhas w ahla”she said.

We all went home happy, and I was very tired but i didn’t forget to buy the Minnie ears and wear them in the bus on our way to UCLA hhehehehe

The next day in class we had a discussion about it and we watched a documentary about Disney, and no its not fun, happy as anything related to Disney should be, on the contrary i felt that it was aimed to demolish all the pretty annotations that come along the word Disney :s The documentary tried to show how this whole imaginary world is based on discrimination and racism, the bad guys are always Mexican or Arabs, and the good ones are always “white” , and how the Aladdin song diminishes the Arabs, ( it talks about Arabs coming from the desert…), and how women are always represented as week, dependent and waiting got their prince charming to save them out of misery.

After the discussion was over (during which i didnt say much because i was in shock of what i was hearing) I felt that this is a strong trial to destroy Disney world, i grew up watching Tom and Jerry all the time and I assure you, that didn’t affect my peronality, ot behavior. I didn’t grow up to be a woman who is looking for prince charming to rescue her, nor do i look at any other nation with disrespect. I believe that Mickey Mouse is a character that should be present at every household and not banned. Disney might contain some hidden messages, but let us not forget the good and joyful moments he brings to the kids hearts!

I might be a  little 2 biased to that fantasy world, but I spend many years of my childhood watching these characters and loving them. When i watched that documentary, I felt that a big period of my life has been distorted, I would love to see my kids, nieces and nephews watch Disney and enjoyed it as much as i did.

The question remains, shall we love Disney or get convinced by all negative thoughts and let go of it ?

I love it 🙂

Again this is only my personal opinion..


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