This is L.A :Tourist style :P

A part of the program is allowing us to discover how an American family spends its day, and that is why on Saturday, every 2 or 3 persons went to a different American household, expecting to learn something new.

The funny thing that all families were Mormons , so practically we just learned about one small side of the American society. Mahmoud and I spent the day with a woman, her 2 children, her brother’s wife and her three kids. We all went to the beach, and on our way back to the university we had lunch. The lady was really nice, and asked us so many questions about the Middle East, and was really surprised that we can speak more than 2 languages each . Obviously, she had no idea about where Lebanon or Palestine are located, their mother tongue or what religion the people practice there, and every time we tell her something new she would be surprised! The big difference that I noticed among the middle east and the US, and after the other participants shared their experience of the day, is that in the ME people are more concerned with welcoming their guests, and making him/her feel comfortable in any possible way, while in the US, they act normal and don’t try hard, not out of disrespect, but because it is all related to their background, that is much more simple that the middle eastern people.

Another thing that you should experience in LA is shopping in a mall, well it is a bit different because it is full of outlets stores, for the first few seconds you will be happy with what you are seeing, but then later on you will find out, unfortunately, that none of these actually fit you and when you ask for your size, well no one can help you! It is not only about malls, but it also involves beaches! They are neat, cleaned, the sand is white, the water is clean and it is for FREE!

Other then our morning visit, we went to the beach to enjoy the night 🙂

You get your chairs and food, you lay down and enjoy the sun, and NO ONE  will be staring at you!

Some beaches have markets on the side, where you can buy some homemade items. It is weird, but you don’t feel like an outsider, no matter where you are; so far i have met few American people, and lot of people coming from Asia, there is a lot of diversity.

"sarkhet el sabet, el ahad "

Having fun in Westwood

One thing that would also like to share, is that so far I only heard car horns twice, and people give the priority to pedestrians, they don’t cuss you out or even ask you to move out-of -the way, they don’t need to do that, because initially everything is organized. I can’t stand that because i believe where there is a lot of order, something will go wrong one day…I miss Beirut, as messy as it is, I still believe that it is one of the most beautiful places I will ever see..I miss Hamra…and I miss driving..

Being involved in media, we visited the L.A Times, and were lucky to have a tour around, we learned how it functions, and we saw the amazing pictures that were taken along the years.

At L.A Times

L.A Times

L.A Times

And what is better then watching a movie, as a group activity, we all took the bus and head to the movies where we watched Inception, a pretty amazing, complicated movie. It allows you to think more about the simplest things in your life, as dreaming, and it lead me to wonder about many facts in my life…

It has only been a couple of weeks here and we already feel like we are home, on the other hand, we all miss home ….yet we are not ready to leave yet.  People ar so friendly and happy, that I started to wonder if they have any worries in their lives??? Off course they do, but again I believe it is something related to their simple background.



  1. nina Said:

    Inception is an amazing movie 🙂 – if people are so friendly, stay in california Sarah!!!!!

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