This is L.A

Day after day, our stay here seems to take its right path, we are getting more used to what life is here, its system, rules and regulations. But, somehow, it is still a bit hard for me to wake up at 6 am because breakfast is at 7, and our classes start at 8, but in order to get there on time, we have to leave our dormitory at 7:30 :S

Anyway enough with the complaining, and let us focus on more important issue:P It is still weird how, so far, I don’t feel that I am exploring a new life style, it pretty much resembles that one i have in Lebanon. Off course there are exceptions, there are very strict driving rules that no one can ignore, or less a fine will waiting for you, the people seem to be more friendly and helpful… It feels good that we can cross from on street to another dancing, and still no one would look at you…

Westwood Village, Rand, Hani and Nada crossing the street "with style."

To feel that we are closer to home, our coordinators decided to have a cooking day; some of the participants, who are interested to cooking, came together and prepared for us a lovely meal.

Preparing dinner

Waiting for dinner ot be served

"Men el ajwe2"

At last, dinner was ready

At night, Hani, Nada and I hit Hollywood street, We tried getting into a pub there, but we weren’t allowed in, because we were wearing flip flops, so anyone can  step on our toes(that was the excuse of the lady standing at thedoor), and that is when we decided not to go home, even though time was running late

What I liked the most so far, is the community service that we had to do, we went to Food Bank and helped packing food, for those who are in need.

At night, we went to Wetwood, to Gypsy cafe (and yes it serves Hubbly Bubbly), the places was good, but since i have no idea the waitress refused to give me a beer :S The music was loud, and off course there were many “arabic” people trying to be very, unusually nice in order to gain the boss’s attention (pathetic)

This is a very quick written post but I am so sleepy, i can’t open my eyes…


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