This is L.A {Day 3}

Our first day of classes didn’t start well enough, we woke to the sound of the fire alarm that took off at 7:30 am on Monday at the students’ dormitory; everyone ran down the stairs wearing their pajamas and carrying their “valuable” belongings!  It turned out that some guy was smoking in his room :S

Being late, I missed the breakfast, and headed right to our first session, introduction and orientation, that took place at Moore 3340. We met the people responsible of the program who will be assisting us through out our stay. They handed us a map of the university, the different timings of the bus, taxis, and their coasts. We also had to fill up a pre-program survey.

Later on, we met with Kristen, who was our guide. She gave us a tour around the campus and gave us detailed explanation of the history of UCLA, its different departments, and she also mentioned a website where we can check the events that are taking place on or off campus. As fun as it may sound, walking around for an hour and thirty minutes is very tiring. I enjoyed looking at the different buildings of the university, what I liked the most is the huge spaces of green, wherever you go there are always tress and some green hills, as Nada felt that she has to go and lay down on the nice looking grass, and simply enjoy the sun, (which we did later on during the day.) Then we had lunch, this time I tasted the Chinese food, somehow when I was done I sort of missed chopsticks 😛 (joke joke joke )

At one o’clock was our first class, Democracy and Social Movement in the US; Doctor William Roy was our guest speaker and he addressed the issue of American Folk Music and Culture. He started by explaining what is Folk music, and how its is “simple, anonymous, and passed on orally.” It also has a social meaning, that is connected to “honest, hardworking, moral, unsophisticated, and the good old days.” Dr Roy also played some of Folk music and made us realize the difference from when it first started and how it evolved day after day.

After a 20 minutes break, we headed to the IT Lab, where we were asked to write a short blog post that either reflects our expectations from this program, or our opinion about what has been discussed regarding folk music. This is what I wrote: My expectations from this program


We were very tired after such along day, we had dinner at 6, but off course we didn’t go to rest ( I am sure that I am not in LA to spend my entire day on campus or in my room), we all gathered and left to do some shopping, Best Buy here we come 😀

Twenty minutes (maybe more) of walking we finally reached our destination, a couple of guys bought laptops, while some just got foot cream 😛 Definitely we are going there again, there are many things that I still need to get, I mean come on a WII game for only 2oo dollars …me like 😛 , and I am thinking to get a Canon EOS, that way when I go back to Lebanon I could go with Nada and Hani to have some photo shoots 😀 😀  Once done, some of the guys wanted to have a “arghileh”so we went around looking for a place that actually serves hubly bubbly, unfortunately we ended up again at Habibi Café and lucky me I had to listen one more time to “Habibi Ya noor el ein.”

For some “amazing” pictures of this day please click on LA, Day 3



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