This is L.A {Day 2}

I woke up today to the sound of my roommate Lina, 21 years old, majoring in English literature in the Islamic University in Gaza. I am so excited to meet her and to listen to her stories, she has many that i will be sharing with you later on.

Through the day we met the new participants who arrived today to LA (coming from Palestine), we are still expecting 4 others to join us through this week. We went to a tour in the university, and then headed to Westwood village, where we had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen. The food was good, but when it was time to pay it got a bit hard for us, we had to divide among all of us the values of the taxes and tips, yes yes it was hard but we did manage to finally do it 😛 ( we are not used to that in Lebanon 😉 )

At 5 pm we had our orientation meeting and then went to a “welcome dinner” at a persian restaurant called Jovan.

Then we walked around Westwood Village, and decided to go into Habibi Cafe. Dany met the owner of the cafe, who turned out to be Egyptian. Inside the cafe, the red light was taking over, and “habibi ya nour el ein “song was playing…yes that makes you feel as if you are still home ;P

It is weird how so far I am still unable to feel that I am actually in LA away from Lebanon, It still feels that in Hamra when walking around, except for the way the people drive, it is so organized that it gets irritating…

Here are some pictures that can explain better what we saw and did during the day : LA, Day 2


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