This is L.A {Day 1}

Seven Lebanese people, including me,( in addition to ones from West Bank, Gaza, and Iraq) were chosen to come to Los Angeles-California and take part in a study program about New Media. To know more about it visit

I decided to write a post everyday or so, talking about the important things we are going to learn, sharing some of the “adventures” we will be going through and some of the places we are going to visit.

We left Lebanon on Saturday July 17 at 3 am and reached Los Angeles at 3:42 pm (L.A timing), which is about 22 hours of plane travel. We first had a transit in Frankfurt, where the airport seemed to be very unorganized, we spent 20 minutes looking for the gate where we are supposed to be, even after asking for help we ended up at the wrong place, which made us run late for the plane, but we got there anyway 🙂 That made me think that chaos doesn’t only exist in Lebanon, i was relieved to experience this feeling 😛

Eights hours later we reached Chicago airport, the flight was ok, the plane was big, and full! I watched two movies and slept for a couple of hours…anyway we finally reached L.A. A couple of persons from the program were waiting for us at the airport. Once we arrived to UCLA, the first thing we did EATING,  we were really hungry, tired…We called our parents, sent them messages and assured them that we are doing ok. We were the first to reach LA, the participants from Jordan, Palestine and Iraq will be arriving in couple of hours.

We went to our rooms, and it turned out that none of us would be sharing the same room ,we were separated in a way that each one of us would share his/her room with a person from a different enough..

At night, Nada, Dany, Hani and I went for a walk around the university campus, spoted some places and made a short list of the places we MUST  visit. Funny enough we saw a couple of cafes with arghileh, and one of these places was called Habibi Cafe (weird huh :P).

We head back, and here I am writing briefly what happened during this long hectic day, and now i should log off waiting for my roommate to arrive ….

It is just a first day, many to follow, many things to discover and experience…

Anyone who reads this post, if you have any places that you think we should visit in L.A please feel free to inform me 🙂 Thank you 🙂


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  1. Hanibaael Said:

    so, you go to “Habibi Cafe” and meet Nivine there 😛


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