Stop this law, and start working on something else!

Most of the Lebanese citizens try hard everyday to make Lebanon a better place; they believe in this country and strive to make it among the best.

Normally, citizens get the support of their government, but sadly not in here. As I am writing this post, the Lebanese government is setting a vote for Tuesday, June 15 to modify the ICT law that deals with electronic information, signatures, and e-banking, and make the Internet world, a place when everything is being watched, rated and controlled!

I mean come one, what are we in the1960s, dear ministers, a quick reminder, we need to go forward, forward you see and not backward, I don’t know but maybe you got this whole idea wrong, if you did, then we are here, (the social media people, the citizens, and whoever is concerned) to tell you to stops this law, stop it, we don’t want to change the ICT law, we don’t want this world to be ruled by you, we like it the way it is, we need our privacy, we need to know that we are able to express ourselves without being watched over!

So we, and we go for the Lebanese citizens, ask you, the people in the government, to stop this law, and do it now, there are more important issues that you should worry about in Lebanon, other then restricting our options online!

Tweet about it and lets do something about it, we might be able to make a change! use #stopthislaw

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