What does new media mean to you? The videos and some analysis

We reached a point where we no longer depend on traditional media, we, nowadays, tend to depend more on what we call  new media; it is what the internet has been providing us with the last few years. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, and Blogspot are some on many tools that are considered to be part of new media. It is time for you to make the news, you no longer have to wait for them, it is time for citizen journalism. You are the journalist now!!!

Ayman Itani asked us, the LAU social class, to interview three people from three different age group and ask them what does new media mean to them.

I chose Hussein Wehbe, he is 19 years old, and he is majoring in business. Hussein, as many others, is mostly interested by Facebook, he thinks that it is a cool way to look for news and to say in touch with his friends. Fatima Farhat, 24 years old journalism student, and Haytham Zein, 29 years old, couldn’t agree less with Hussein,. All three of them happen to look at Facebook as a took to keep in touch with old friends.

But we can see some differences, when it comes to other new media tools. Hussein likes twitter and considers it a very good source for instant news, he also has an account on Flickr. That reflects how Hussein is sort of sucked in the new media world. Haytham, on the other hand, doesn’t know much about it, but he is trying to explore it and he is learning to like it.  29 years old, Haytham, doesn’t know anything about Flickr or WordPress. I can notice how his knowledge about new media is limited with facebook and Twitter. Fatima Farhat, who happens to be a journalist at Hibr newspaper, seems to be very familiar with new media and with the different tools that it provides. She exploits the internet world for her won interest, not only to communicate with others, but also to do some research and to enrich her knowledge about a certain topic. She also looks at it as a platform where she can express her thoughts and worries and let the whole world listen to her.

It is nice to see how from one person to the other, the concept of new media differs. Some are aware of its multifunctional tools, while others are satisfied with some of its basic use. I believe that all three are familiar with Facebook, because it is the most popular site, especially here in Lebanon. On the other hand, i think that their background, and their major, defines how much they know about new media. The problem here that universities don’t offer the students an opportunity to explore this world, lucky enough, LAU, took another path, and included in her schedule a social media class. Being part of it, i feel that i am, somehow, more absorbed into new media, and i find myself more attached to it everyday. Hussein, for example, started tweeting when he first joined the Hibr team. Fatima did it on her own, last year, she is majoring in journalism and she knows where to go to fond some useful information, while Haytham joined Twitter because a friend of his asked him to do so. I believe it mostly depends on the occupation of the person and how he/she looks at the internet and the different aspects it offers them.

Each of these 3 videos was recorded with my phone camera (E71), i sent it to my computer by bluetooth and then i uploaded it on my Youtube account. For the subtitles i used the method of annotations. At the beginning i added an annotation to introduce the interviewee and at the end, an annotation to thank him/her.

The best part of this project was listening to three different opinions about new media, and i enjoyed recording the videos as well. When you watch the video you will definitely notice how the interviewees were acting all natural, and they were talking about their experience at ease. There was nothing that i didn’t like it about this project, maybe the annotation part, not because it is hard but just because it takes some time to do it and include it in the videos.

In conclusion, i believe that every person has a different perspective of new media, some might not know about it, because unfortunately they haven’t been exposed to it, while others are completely aware of it and they try their best to use it to their own benefit.

Hussein Wehbe-19 years old-Business student

Fatima Farhat-24 years old-Journalist

Haytham Zein-29 years old-Employer at an insurance company


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