Arab Pop Culture event at LAU :)

The Lebanese American University is organizing a week (April 20-23) dealing with Arab popular culture. The conference has been organized by LAU’s Institute for Media Training and Research (TIMTAR), & the Department of Communication Arts. Because of the Volcano in Iceland, some speakers couldn’t make it to the event. Elyssa, a very known Lebanese pop singer, was one among these who got stuck in Paris and wasn’t able to show up at opening day of the conference and discuss lebanese pop culture.

For those who couldn’t make it, the LAU social class will be tweeting live from different sessions of the conference, making sure to keep the outer world updated with what is going on at the event. Either follow #lausocial on twitter, or at , this way you will be able to have an insight look at the discussion.

I will be covering the forth session on Thursday at 11 pm, that will take place at Irwin, conference room. It will be about  Fragments of Identity: Perceptions and Visual Popular Culture in the Arab Region, Claiming Back the Aesthetic Spectacle, and Graffiti and the Beirut Cityscape.

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