Amalgam in New Media class!

Maya Zankoul, 23 years old graphic designer, was our guest speaker during our New Media class. She came to the class with a smile on her face, ready to answer all our questions. She first started by showing us her blog, her twitter account and the different media tools she uses online. She is a very energetic person who has a lot of enthusiasm for her work.

Maya Zankoul during class showing us her illustrations!

Then she posted, live, on her blog a post about the new numbering service used at banks and Liban Poste. We asked many questions, we learned a lot about her relation with New Media, she  addresses a lot of time blogging, and she spends many hours tweeting.

Ayman Itani recording the session!

I liked what i saw, how Maya was going from one media outlet to another with rest, she made it look easy and she made me eager to be like her… day! She was smiling all the time, i don’t know i am not being able to find the right words but i enjoyed the session a lot, and personally i would like to have her again in class because i am sure that she will have new things to teach us and show us! The whole class was recorded by Ayman Itani, and Karim Bekdashi was taking pictures along! I hope that we will have “tweetups”with her, i am sure that would be great! So Maya see you soon…i hope 🙂 : )


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