How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

On June 5, 2009, Time magazine’s cover article, How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live, was about Twitter (,8599,1902604,00.html).

The article talks about a conference in Manhattan that the writer attended earlier this year.It was about education reform; 6 hours conversation about “the future of schools” as it is mentioned in the article.

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Ayman Itani, teacher of New Media class, asked us (his students) to read this article and assigned us to answer some questions related to it.

What is #hackedu?

During the conference, all people who wanted to tweet anything related to the conference were asked to include #hackedu in his/her tweet. The hashtag was used to claim that the tweet that is being posted has to do with the conference topic. First it was the people within the conference, later on it exceeded people outside “the room” to reach a larger number. The conference ended with hundreds of tweets that is being used as an archive of what had happened during the conference, all under #hackedu.

Name three industries mentioned in article that are being dramatically changed by twitter

The internet industry as in some websites are being more visited thanks to the links posted on twitter.

The telecommunication industry (iphones and blackberry phones) with all the phone applications that are directed solely to twitter.

The advertising industry: Twitter has become a major tool in the advertising business, you simply tweet what is new on your twitter main page, and the more followers you have the more people would know about it.

What type of content do you suggest we hashtag with #lausocial ?

I believe that it should be anything that we do during New Media class, or anything about new media as any interesting article related to Web2.0 ( twitter, facebook, blogging, bookmarking….). Students should hashtag #lausocial anything that happens to them on the way to class maybe, or after class they should post if they liked the class, if they found it interesting or if they think that they didn’t learn much during it. Maybe that way Ayman would know if the students are benefiting form the class or not.


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