“Dakkat Al sa3a” at LAU

Madona, a friend and a co-worker at Hibr newspaper, and Doaa Fares were the directors of “Dakkat El sa3a” a play by Tawfik Al Hakim that took place at LAU Irwin theatre. The play talks about death ironically. It seems to be comic, but the unexpected ending turns the play tragically.

Madonna, being a perfectionist, liked the result of her hard work but off course she thought some things could have been done better…

Madonna(left) and Doaa during the play's rehearsal

Hibr team was present supporting their journalist and cheering for her success, as usual Mounir, a co-worker, couldn’t resist bringing to the theatre some copies of Hibr and handing them in to the audience.

Madonna(far right) watching the actors during rehearsals.



  1. maysash Said:

    Wished I was there! Could you tell me more about the plot of the play? I’m interested in Al Hakim’s works…

  2. sarahilal Said:

    well it is about a person who plays “death” and who is present to take the life of a sick man bas unfortunately at the end it turn out he is her to take the life if his son. Tragic ending!

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