Anissa Helou’s Visit!

On Thursday Anissa Helou was a guest in our Media and current affairs class!Helou is a well known cook who specializes is Mediterranean and middle eastern food!We really enjoyed her presence, what got my attention the most is the way she chose to stay in touch with her audience : a website, a blog and a twitter account!I am one of her “followers “ now on twitter and I was impressed by how active she is, she shares her thoughts and always try to give others her opinion about a certain restaurant or dish!In class she seemed very relaxed, enjoying the questions asked by the students! She talked about how the internet made her listen more carefully to the needs of her audience and you would be amazed by how she shares online her recipes! Through her talk I discovered the kind of relationship she has with her mother they seem to be pretty close and her mum still gives her advices concerning food!She is single yet she seems pretty ok with it , seems like her friends occupy a big share in her life, she cooks for then yet she refuses the idea of cooking being domesticated, she doesn’t like to cook because she has to, she does because she teaches in a cookery school(she manages one in London) and because she enjoys it!She liked Japanese food the most and believes that egyptian food doesn’t have anything special! Helou was supposed to attend the class for 30 min only but she didn’t leave before and hour and more!Helou’s visit made me more encouraged to be more active on my twitter account ( I became more eager to update my blog on a regular base!



  1. @aymanitani Said:

    i particularly enjoyed your references to anissa helou’s use of new media. make sure you go back and add to your post the twitter account you kept on mentioning. this will let your readers know how and where to find you to stay updated with your thoughts and ideas.

  2. walaaharb Said:

    i enjioyed reading what u wrote bs it’s long and i enjoyed what Anissa said about new media

  3. ivettesaber Said:

    good one…i liked the detailed post…as if anyone reading it would feel that he was actually there!

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